Testcertificaten van spuitkurk

Liquid-Kurk is in bezit van erkende testcertificaten van spuitkurk en andere producten van Suberlev, deze attesten kunnen worden opgevraagd.

Determination of liquid water permeability according to EN 1062-3

Measurment of bond strenght to concrete by pull-off according to EN 1542

Measurment of bond strenght to metals

Study by optical microscopy os asbestos fibres confinement before and after ageing

Determination of thermal resistance and conductivity according to EN 1266

Artifical agening UNE-EN ISO 11507:2007-cycles of 3000 hours. AIDICO

Water vapour permeability according to : EN 1062-3

Reaction to fire: classification M1. UNE 23721:90 C.T.F. (Technical lab for fire experiments)

Heat-flow tests with decrease hereof. AIDICO

Test coefficient of sound absorption, according to UNE-EN ISO 354:2004
Laboratototies Acoustics Labaratory - Division Applus + LGAI


Results obtained by construction technology labs. AIDICO, APPLUS, CTF, AITEX